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Director's Diary


Rev. Prof. Dan J. Antwi, Director

In setting up the PIRRC the framers have specifically spelt out its mission thus:
1)    To educate Christians and other faith communities on Interfaith matters.
2)    To carry out research, documentation, publication and dissemination of materials on interfaith issues.
3)    As a resource for Christians seeking to witness in a multi-faith dialogue between Christians and people of other faiths especially Muslims.

From the perspective of the above, the Center has a 5-point objectives which must guide anyone privileged to direct it, namely,
To inform, prepare, resource, and provide opportunities for Christians to bear meaningful witness to people of other faiths and cultivate good neighborliness and peaceful co-existence with people of other faiths in general and Muslims in particular through workshops, lectures, colloquia etc.
a.    To serve as a resource base through the provision of experienced human resources and relevant printed and electronic documentation on Interfaith matters, particularly in relation to Islam in Africa and with special reference to the West African Sub-region.
b.    To convene, host and facilitate national, regional and international. Christian-Muslim conversations on mutually relevant issues.
c.    To offer the opportunity for an academic study of Islam and interfaith engagement at the undergraduate and graduate levels within and in collaboration with other theological institutions.
d.     To build the capacity of the Centre in every aspect of its function.

From this perspective I envision a remarkably virile center operated under dedicated Board and equally committed staff working together to achieve overwhelming success.
To this end, a continued research survey on faith communities in Ghana and the West African sub-region, with the view to gaining meaningful understanding for fruitful dialogue in Inter-faith issues.  One of the by-products of this is a development of viable and effective human and material resources for Inter-faith education in collaboration with such international institutions as The New Seminary in New York, USA. It is an Inter-faith seminary dedicated to providing assistance to persons in Inter-faith education.  An academic work geared towards the documentation of Inter-faith material in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana  needs to be published to augment the building of Inter-faith library for research and study.

A crucial endeavor in this respect is the organization of regular workshops and seminars on spiritual counseling and Transformational leadership from Inter-faith perspectives.